Rabu, 07 Mei 2014

Trick Photography Book Review

If you are having fun with your new trick photography skills, there are a few more techniques you can try to explore even more variety in your photos.  The following tips will help you really expand your creativity and take your talent to a whole new level.

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Taking Vintage Style Pictures

Vintage photos have a very distinct look that was caused by the quality of lenses that were used at the time.  The result of taking pictures with vintage cameras was a dreamy, slightly blurred look that is easy to recognize in pictures today.

Surprisingly, you can create this effect very easily today using a trick photography tip, without doing any editing or adjusting your camera settings.  You can achieve the look you want just by dabbing a bit of Vaseline on your camera lens!

Keep in mind that it is best to do this trick over some type of clear filter for your lens so you avoid damaging your camera.  However, using Vaseline to coat the outside of the filter is one of the coolest photography secrets because the result is the perfect look of an old vintage photo.

Taking Interesting Action Photos

Venturing into new territory with a digital SLR camera can be a really exciting way to learn new trick photography techniques.  One of the most interesting tricks you can use early on involves adjusting your shutter speed to create really unique action photos.

When taking action shots, it is usually best to use a quick shutter speed in order to catch a frozen glimpse of a subject in motion.  However, using a slower shutter speed to capture action shots can create some very cool effects, including cars moving into the distance at night with their lights stretching behind them or the motion of people as they move through a crowded street.

To give this technique a try, you can put your camera in Shutter Priority so other setting adjustments, like aperture, are done for you automatically, and you can focus on experimenting with your shutter speed.  You will also want to use a tripod anytime you try to capture motion with a slow shutter speed to ensure you get everything you can out of the effect.

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Taking pictures of a moving crowd is a great way to try out this technique because you will not have to slow your shutter speed dramatically to get interesting results.  In fact, you can see the effect of blurred motion by slowing your shutter speed to just ¼.  The more you reduce your shutter speed, the more exaggerated the motion effects in your photo will be.

You can get even more creative by playing around with a combination of still subjects and motion.  For example, using this effect to capture someone standing perfectly still in a crowd of moving people can result in a very striking photo.

When in doubt, just remember that the best way to learn trick photography is to try new things and get excited each time you create something interesting!

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